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Corkery Genealogical Inc. specializes in locating missing and unknown heirs for estate matters, dormant bank accounts, stocks & bonds, trusts, insurance, real estate, and mineral, gas and oil rights claims.   We conduct independent searches as well as contracted due diligence services.

National and International Research

A recognized leader in the industry,  we offer premier services, both nationally and internationally.  With a combination of skilled research staff, proprietary resources, and a worldwide network of professionals,   we are certain to meet your research and heir location needs.

Attorneys ~ Trustees &  Administrators

We pride ourselves in understanding the special needs of attorneys, administrators and agencies serving in a fiduciary capacity.  Click here to learn more about our specialty services for attorneys and other professionals.

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Expert Testimony &

Along with exceptional heir location services,  we provide the best supporting evidence available and can provide expert genealogical testimony when requested.


With over 85 years in the business, we are happy to discuss your research needs to see how we can be of assistance.

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