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Locating Missing Heirs

For Over 85 Years

Attorneys ~ Trustees &  Administrators

As experts locating missing heirs for over 85 years,  we understand  the special needs of attorneys, administrators and others serving in a fiduciary capacity.  

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All The Heirs
All The Heirs

Maternal Paternal
Maternal Paternal


All The Heirs
All The Heirs

Cost Effective Results 

The majority of our work is performed on a contingent fee basis (assignment of interest) with no charge to the estate or to the heirs unless there is a recovery.  In special circumstances, we provide services on an hourly basis with competitive rates.

Best Evidence - Full Service

Once the heirs are found,  we provide all documentation to prove the heir including complete family trees,  the best supporting evidence available,  and up to date contact information.   We can also provide expert testimony if needed. We go the extra mile to make your job easier.

Fast Results ~ Peace of Mind

Whether you are handling a probate estate,  real estate matter, or other legal process,  we provide the fast,  thorough research to ensure a prompt resolution while providing you the peace of mind that all due diligence was taken to locate ALL the heirs.  Members of the Better Business Bureau for over 50 years,  our work is  insured so you can feel confident that the job is done RIGHT.

Creditors ~ Claimants

For creditors, claimants, funeral homes, or others with similar needs,  we provide immediate assistance in locating all legal heirs to allow for timely notification and ensuring that you get paid as soon as possible.